Whilst Cortijo La Cueva is legally registered in our names, the real owners of the property are our six rescue cats!

  • Bruja (Brew-Ha)
  • Tripode (Tray-Pod-Aay)
  • Wizzard
  • Ringo
  • Towanda
  • Cher

If you are not a cat fan or you suffer from cat allergies, then unfortunately this may not be the place for you.

We have tried to explain to our cats that they can´t have free roam of the place, but they, like most cats just ignore us, so if you leave your bedroom door open, then you may find one of them making themselves comfy on your bed. They love being stroked and petted and do respond to being shooed out, however, keep your bedroom door shut if you prefer to keep the little monkeys out!